Principles of Responsible Gaming on DBbet

DBbet encourages all its customers to adhere to the principles of responsible gambling when betting and playing online casino on the official website and mobile application. You must understand that gambling should by no means be perceived as the main or additional source of income. Even if you are lucky a few times, it does not mean that you will win all the time.

Any bet on sports and casinos, even if it seems as safe as possible, can lose. You risk losing money. And if you gamble with those funds, the loss of which can harm you, your family and reduce your quality of life, it will lead to problems.

Remember that there are no strategies or betting methods for guaranteed winnings. By making a deposit on DBbet, you always run the risk of losing it.

DBbet adheres the principles of responsible gaming.

How to avoid gaming addiction?

Gambling addiction is a serious mental illness. People suffering from it lose control over their actions and experience an irresistible craving for any kind of gambling. This leads to serious debts, deterioration of relations with relatives and friends, and problems at work.

To understand whether you have an addiction or not, try to give up betting completely for a while. Stop playing for a week and see if you feel negative and irritated. If so, it indicates the presence of a gambling addiction. Gambling addiction proceeds in several stages, and it is very important to detect it in time. Only timely measures taken can protect you.

Also, protect yourself from the development of gambling addiction can be by the principles of responsible gaming:

  • You can bet only on the money that you can morally and financially afford to lose. Playing for important funds for your budget is by no means allowed;
  • If you don’t have any money to play with, never lend or borrow. Bet only with your own money;
  • Never play while intoxicated. It can lead to a rapid loss of your deposit and the money you are not prepared to lose;
  • Do not replenish the account repeatedly and do not increase the size of bets to quickly make up for previous losses;
  • If you feel a rush of negative emotions, stop the game. Decisions made in this state can be very unfortunate;
  • Before the game session, determine in advance its maximum duration, as well as the limit of winning and losing;
  • If the game drags on, don’t forget to take breaks. Rest for 10-15 minutes every hour.

If you need help, you can get it from specialized medical centers and psychologists. All contact information, telephone numbers and addresses can be obtained from the Helpdesk.

Also, DBbet administration is ready to block your account temporarily or permanently or apply stricter deposit limits at your discretion.